This weekend, YUMCHI Kimchi Queen - aka Lily Hirasawa - offered tasters at ARBORETUM’s exhibition Green Utopia, with a focus on sustainability and plant power.

ARBORETUM is an independent members' club focused on environmental stewardship and social well-being, set to officially open in May 2019. The club hosted a pre-opening exhibition in partnership with local plant nurseries, charities, brands and personalities, that embody the spirit of sustainability and plant power.

Lily was invited to sample at the event, and offer guests a taste of what makes YUMCHI Kimchi so delicious. It was the perfect opportunity for Lily to talk about the value of organic, plant powered foods, that are both good for your gut and also the planet. YUMCHI Kimchi is vegan, fermented with fruit instead of fish sauce, and made using locally sourced, 100% certified organic ingredients.

Unlike the glass jars which house most kimchi brands, YUMCHI Kimchi’s pouches are designed to preserve the kimchi by blocking out sunlight which degrades food, ensuring it has the longest shelf life possible. Zero food waste is central to Lily’s personal values, and she wants to make sure that YUMCHI’s customers have the freshest kimchi on offer.

At Green Utopia, Lily was inspired by the life affirming talks on eco-minded topics such as outdoor exploration, wildlife conservation and connecting with nature to revitalise the soul. Thank you ARBORETUM for having YUMCHI. We are pleased to be part of the Green Utopia you are fostering in the middle of a busy and often grey city.

Much love,


Lily Hirasawa