YUMCHI & The Replicants: A match made in dystopian heaven #SecretCinema

Did you know that kimchi has been into space before?!

Ko San, the first South Korean traveller to go into space, blasted off in 2008. And the South Korean government made sure Ko San went to space with kimchi.

Ko’s kimchi was specially prepared by scientists to be suited for conditions in outer space. You see, ordinary kimchi is teeming with microbes, like lactic acid bacteria, which help fermentation and are beneficial for our gut bacteria. On Earth these bacteria are harmless, but South Korean scientists feared that they could turn dangerous in space if cosmic rays caused them to mutate.

After millions of dollars and years of research, scientists successfully engineered Ko’s kimchi fit for space travel. They found a way to kill the bacteria with radiation while retaining 90% of the original taste.

Whilst kimchi is a relatively fresh export in the UK, South Koreans consume 1.6 million tons of kimchi a year, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's no wonder Ko couldn’t face travelling into space without kimchi!

If you're visiting Secret Cinema for this summer's screening of Blade Runner be sure to get yourself some kimchi jam with pork scratchings or kimchi-salted dried seaweed. 


Lily Hirasawa