The YUMCHI Kimchi team recently attended Biohacker London’s Health Optimisation Gut Health Event in Shoreditch to provide tasters.

The event was packed with food bloggers, gut health enthusiasts and just plain foodies, who were all interested in how certain foods can support with overall digestive health and help tackle common digestive issues. 

YUMCHI’s Daisy was on hand to discuss how functional, probiotic foods such as kimchi can be of serious service to your gut. Kimchi is full of billions of probiotic bacteria that has the potential to positively impact not just your gut, but also your mood and immune system.

At the event, Nutritionist and Naturopathic Specialist Marek Doyle confirmed this in his workshop on how the gut and microbiome affects your mood, cognition, obesity, inflammation and behaviour. Marek also discussed common interventions and supplements that you can use to resolve gut issues including probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and Vitamin D. 

Following the workshop, YUMCHI’s James took to the stage to support in congratulating the winners of Biohacker’s gut health hamper. Winners were rewarded with giveaways of our very own YUMCHI Kimchi, along with leading gut health brands such as Symprove probiotic, the Borough Bone Broth Company and Nucleotide Nutrition.

YUMCHI would like to thank Biohacker Health Optimisation for hosting us at the Gut Health event. The event was fascinating and it was a pleasure to see so many gut health enthusiasts in one room. The YUMCHI team particularly loved learning from Nutritionist Marek Doyle how to improve your digestive system through eating the right foods and taking the right supplements. 

It was a reminder that incorporating probiotic foods into your diet is a simple and effective way to improve your gut health.

Much love,


Lily Hirasawa