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Founded in 2016, YUMCHI is the brainchild of kimchi expert Lily Hirasawa. Lily's traditional family recipe has been passed down three generations from her grandmother, famous amongst her friends in Korea for making the best kimchi. 

Lily's passion for fermented foods spurns from a love of making time for yourself, as well as for your cooking. She believes a slower, more mindful pace of life is the key to wellbeing. In our fast-paced city life, taking time is a luxury and YUMCHI is your daily reminder to slow down, enjoy the moment and the tasty food in front of you.


YUMCHI is certified organic by UK and EU standards, packed with gut-friendly bacteria.

100% natural

YUMCHI uses no artificial flavours or preservatives and naturally fermented no fish sauce.

only 10 calories

With no added sugar, YUMCHI is your perfect guilt-free sidekick. (per serving)


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Gut Healing Heroes

Kimchi is packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria. Keep your tummy happy with our certified organic and unpasterised YUMCHI Kimchi! It’s 100% plant-based and naturally fermented in Hackney, London!

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Female Fermenting Cultures

When it comes to fermented wonders, women are the boss! Traditionally women are the primary holders of this generational knowledge and our recipes have been handed down 3 generations from Lily’s grandmother in Korea and mother in Japan.

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Zero Food Waste

Waste not, want not! We're striving for a world where almost nothing is sent to landfill. Here's why.

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