YUMCHI radish 1.png

Radiant Radish

Certified Organic

YUMCHI brings you our new season Radiant Radish Kimchi. Did you know you can 'kimchi' any vegetable? We've fermented organic radishes with the same loving recipe as our signature Traditional Napa Kimchi. These moreish cubes of crunchy radish are a guilt-free delicious habit for a happy healthy tummy!

Available in Resealable Family size (300g serves approx 7 portions).

YUMCHI is naturally fermented in London over 2 weeks using an authentic Korean family recipe.



Unpasteurised for maximum probiotic value, full of gut-friendly bacteria.




100% plant-based, we promise to never use fish sauce.



Suitable for vegans, Gluten free, Raw and Organic.